Mining sector

  • attraction of investment to geologic exploration and development of deposits;
  • invetment support;
  • consulting;
  • assistance in obtaining licenses for exploring and development of fields;
  • purchase and sale of mining companies.

Kyrgyzstan has significant reserves of natural resources. Main resources of Kyrgyzstan include: gold, mercury, antimony, tin, tungsten, beryllium, coal, oil, gas, non-metallic materials, lead, zinc, hydropower and water resources. There is the prospect of organizing production of iron, titanium, vanadium, uranium, aluminum, copper, molybdenum, tantalum-niobates, cobalt, zirconium, lithium, colored stones.

Kyrgyzstan's advantage is that its natural resources have been explored in Soviet geology period.

Kyrgyz Republic also has significant hydroenergy resources.